Thinking of Come back…

come in we are open sign hanging on a window door outside a restaurant, store, office or other

As a result of the pandemic, the closure of operations has been imminent in many sectors and we are all waiting for this to end, however, we have only taken 25% of the time necessary in relation to what China lasted, who recently restarted operations after 4 months of closure According to a study by the Boston Consulting Group, the estimated date to end the quarantine will be during the 1st and 3rd week of July.

We must think that when the activities are reactivated, the return should be staggered and with restrictions to avoid a regrowth, such as access to public places: restaurants, theaters, cinemas, corporate buildings, as well as air and ground transportation who must implement protocols monitoring and redefining operations based on government or internal guidelines to protect the health of internal personnel, as well as that of clients / users.

Although we live up to date with regard to the information and provisions related to COVID-19, it is necessary to have a plan not to interrupt activities in the event of a regrowth, as well as to be prepared for what is coming in terms of restrictions and to investigate that actions that will be carried out, do not violate the rights of inclusion and equality of personnel, in order to avoid labor problems and / or discrimination, as well as readjust the budget for: remote work, ecommerce and adjustments to facilities:

  • Spaces of 1.5 meters or more between seats in: theaters, cinemas, flights, buses and public transport.
  • Greater space between tables in: Restaurants and office dining rooms.
  • Offices should establish more space between workstations, to ensure a healthy distance.
  • Restrictions in elevators and closed spaces.
  • Frequent staff checkups.
  • Temperature monitoring in accesses to the general public.
  • Evaluation of positions and ages for activities considered as vulnerable.
  • Access protocol for customers in department stores and article return policies.
  • Renewal of computer equipment and cloud servers

This is a unique moment, where banks, hospitals and providers are empathetic with the situation, not defining a plan to return from activities can seriously affect your finances and that of those around you, if only your company, home, office or school returns to quarantine due to a regrowth when everyone who prepared is being productive again and instead of having supports, fines will come.

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